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    Global Warming vs Climate Change

    The terms global warming and climate change are often used as if they were synonymous. …

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    Fighting Global Warming with Wind Energy

    Global warming has caused significant changes in the climate of the Earth. National Geographic has …

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    What Is Global Warming?

    Global warming is responsible for climate change, which is affecting many areas in the United …

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    Is Global Warming Real?

    We believe that global warming is a real phenomenon. The science behind it is irrefutable …

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    Seven Top Eco-friendly Companies in North America

    One of the best ways to show your support for environmental issues is by purchasing …

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    Solar Power

    The type of energy you choose to consume can have a significant impact on the …

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    Climate Change Initiatives

    Climate change initiatives are large-scale efforts to combat global warming and to reduce greenhouse gas …

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    Climate Change and Water Scarcity in India

    India is running out of water. Sounds bothersome, right? Well water is life, but it …

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    Covid-19 Impact on Planet Earth

    Global waste generated by humans is a detriment to our environment. Landfills and oceans are …

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    Talking to Kids About Climate Change

    Ah, to be in the good old days, when the most dreaded conversation with your …

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    What is Paris Agreement?

    The Paris Agreement is a historic international treaty that provides a framework for reducing and …