Eco-friendly Hand Soaps

We are all fighting an invisible enemy, the COVID virus. By masking up and washing our hands regularly, we keep ourselves and our families safe from it. But most hand soaps have harmful chemicals in them, and they have incredibly wasteful packaging. We have a few recommended products that can reduce the impact of incessant hand washing on planet earth.

The use of plastic is a big problem, since it's made from petroleum, it's a big contributing factor to overall global warming. The plastic we use is also very harmful to our health and harmful to the fauna around us. The microplastic is now found in plants growing in deep ends of the oceans. Marine life is chocking on plastic and dying.

Another issue with most of the hand soaps are the chemicals like Paraben and Sulfates. Parabens can disturb hormones in our body , harm fertility, dry skins, and skin cancer.

Our recommendations are aimed to reduce the reliance on plastic and keep you safe from harmful chemicals.

How do we reduce the amount of plastic packaging?

Use big refill packs rather than throwing away the smaller bottles after a single-use.

How do we reduce the impact of harmful chemicals on our bodies?

Buy hand soaps that do not contain paraben and sulfates. Natural and plant-based soaps can be a great alternative.

Our Picks

Meyer's Liquid Hand Soap Refill Variety Pack

A variety pack of two lovely fragrances. You can buy them at your nearest retailer or Amazon.

Seventh Generation Professional Liquid Hand Wash Soap Refill

Free of fragrance and clear.

Method Gel Hand Soap Refill

Available in multiple fragrances.

Dr. Bronner’s - Pure-Castile Liquid Soap (Almond, 1 Gallon) - Made with Organic Oils

Dr. Bronner's is a well known brand for making eco friendly and natural personal care products. They work with the farmers to produce high quality organic raw ingredients.

eco-friendly hand soap